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Writer Gal

April 2017

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Gobin Fruit

Autumn Harvest: How the Goblin Fruit Falls


Oh, it's delicious. I want to gnaw the rinds. But it would taste metallic. This issue is a city after dark, under rain.

Poets are: Mike Allen, Sonya Taaffe, Rose Lemberg, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back, Ruth Jenkins, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Brock Marie Moore, C. W. Johnson, Jennifer Crow, Virginia M. Mohlere, Rachel Dacus.

I got to narrate Mike Allen's poem, "The Vigil," and I am using my INCREDIBLY SCARY VOICE, so... FLEE! Flee to your bedcovers! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You do not want to meet my VIGIL VOICE on a MOOR by MIDNIGHT.

Some of my favorite lines, mixed up:

I do not feel beautiful
I tasted mysteries at an early age, drank secrets
while father watched like a
moon, from the upstairs window
the Devil likes his blue-eyed boys
I brought him down
In the wreckage of his secrets

The thunderclouds rise like hooded cobras
this city is the library of despair
if even a soul stirs, so will she
i fear her iron teeth

waltzing deaf
through the dark of subway tunnels
we will own the streets tonight
and the blood
they won't know our strength
no they won't know our teeth
(Hell is a country of lost possessions.)
I am taking back my kingdom



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
Oh, goody! I was afraid I was being IMPERTINENT again. Oh, I must go to bed. I have a HUGE day tomorrow, with performers and food and house guests and Weirding this little town o' mine. Wish my luck, my duckling.
LUCK LUCK LUCK!!! Delicious luck! Luck with a frosting of sweet! Luck with apple tarts and peach! Luck to be gobbled up with a SPOON! LUCK!

Wait, amn't I s'posed to wish you a veritable busting of limbs?
You can, if you like. But macabre as I sometimes am, I always preferred the Jack luck, such as the fairy folk of a Charles De Lint novel might wish each other. Luck is a good word. Where does it come from?

ORIGIN late Middle English (as a verb): perhaps from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch lucken. The noun use (late 15th cent.) is from Middle Low German lucke, related to Dutch geluk, German Glück, of West Germanic origin and possibly related to lock 1 .

Mmmmn. Interesting.
This issue is so excellent.

I like that you have a necromancy tag.
Yes, I use it when I randomly want to see the word "necromancy" in print. :)
I love what you did here! I didn't notice earlier--it took cucumberseed reblogging and SAYING what you'd done.

I love I fear her iron teeth --I could imagine that in one of your stories.
Yes. It was a tasty, bitter, biter of an issue! I hope you like it as much as I did!
Oh, you have done much with this poem of cobbled lines! I just finished the issue - because I've been smashed - and followed in due time here.

Found poetry is a most wonderful thing.
Thank you! It was a deliciously bleak, dystopianly autumnal issue, wasn't it??? Love. Love Goblin Fruit. All the Goblin Fruits.
Yes, yes it was. Goblin Fruit is consistently delicious. And the art!