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Writer Gal

April 2017

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Gobin Fruit


So, we're making soup one day (a few months ago when it was still cold enough to eat soup), and my mother bends over and taste-tests it (in case I end up being like a character from Shirley Jackson's novels and slipping something sweeter and more deadly than Vidalia onions in there), but does she use a spoon? 

NO! She uses the big old fat KNIFE we used to CHOP the onions with. Thwack! I think I looked at her, shocked. And in my shock, this poem was born. 

Never a muse short here in Casa Camelot.

Anyway, LOOKIT! The Summer 2012 issue of Goblin Fruit is LIVE!!!

And, as usual, SO PRETTY! And so full of CANNY POETS and SUMMER LIGHTNING and MYSTERIES!!! I must read it ALL! And so must YOU! 

P.S. You will think me rather stupid, I'm afraid. But this is my first villanelle ever. And it took me many drafts to get it right, and even then I didn't really have a handle on it until some poets on my Flist stepped in - Julia Rios and Sam Henderson, and oh, there were probably others - and BOTH Goblin Queens put their two cents in***, and also Neil Gaiman said a gentle word or two about one of the last lines. So. "Here's to them. And here's to you."

***And before I even really TRIED to write it, Amal encouraged me in this LJ post, writing:

"I will tell you what I think about villanelles, in the hope that you write one and send it to Goblin Fruit because this is how I place dibbs.

I see them as gorgeous mechanicals in shweta_narayan's worlds. They have a mechanism that requires unlocking and winding up. 

The key is the refrain. 

You find a refrain. You break that refrain apart into two pieces. You hold the pieces apart from each other and watch the rest of the poem be drawn to the one or the other like a magnet of a certain pole. 

Then you braid them together. You are so good at braiding, Coons. 

From a mechanical point of view, it's easier if you come up with a refrain that ends on a rhyme-rich sound. You are TREMENDOUSLY good at clever rhymes. You will seduce the villanelle to you, my lady. Of this I have no doubt."

Here again, we have another poem that took a village. AMALFACE! Your FAULT, Amalface!!! And mama's. 


I am very happy to be sitting next to you in the issue--and oh my, but it does have so many poets I love in it--it's very delightful to be in their company.

And I love the art--love it!

And having Neil Gaiman give you some editorial assistance is very cool.

Also that Amal! Such a way with words:

You hold the pieces apart from each other and watch the rest of the poem be drawn to the one or the other like a magnet of a certain pole.


Edited at 2012-07-20 02:19 am (UTC)
I cannot wait to sit and savor them. I will have the day off on Saturday! But I think I will read yours now, before bed.

Neil is a fine, fine poet. I remember the experience of reading The White Road. It was like what they talk about when they talk about "revelations." It was the first time I heard anyone use the word "story-poem." I thought I'd made it up myself. 'Cause am a dork.
Yours I vaguely remember from draft form? At least, I think--I have the impression--that I've read it before. So many beautiful lines: nettles and lemonade and debts and mad pirouettes--wonderful.
I like it quite a lot!
You AND Francesca in the same issue?? I cannot WAIT to read. Skychair! Woohoo!
Great, great poem! Will you be at WFC? I would love to see you read it in person.
That is VERY kind of you! And yes, I will be at World Fantasy!

I think a group of us are going to do a reading called The Crinoline Banjo Apocalypse or something. And there will be music and much wickedness read. Not sure if WFC will have any kind of poetry reading, but if they do, I'll be there.

Are you doing any reading there?
I'll be at the convention for sure, although I doubt I'll do any readings. We'll see. The Banjo Apocalypse sounds fun!

I just read YOURS just now! (Sorry, this is my first day off since Saturday!)

It is LOVELY! If my goosebumps were corpses, you just caused a ZOMBLE APOCALYPSE! They are all risen!
Thank you! That's definitely one of my my all-time favourite responses to one of my poems ;)