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Writer Gal

April 2017

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Fainting Couches, Funk and Other Junk...

Totally gorgeous day today. I went to deposit a little but welcome check in the bank, curtesy of the latest edition of Mythic Delirium (all hail Mike Allen), and stopped by a shop that caught my eye.

It's a new consignment store here in Westerly. Just 4 weeks old, called "Time After Time." It's in that little strip mall with the Dollar Store.

But the important news is... It has a FAINTING COUCH. From the 1920's. I kid you not. With an armrest that comes DOWN for when you FAINT. Newly upholstered. Built to outlast the Apocalypse. $120. I can't have it, though. Because I have no money and no way could I get that little thing up these stairs. Little but dense, like a black hole. A black hole jazz age fainting couch WITH RED AND GOLD UPHOLSTERY. Also? Nice clothes for cheap. And walkable from my house. Happy discovery, if moot at this point.


I was looking at prices for Amtrak and plane tickets for this coming October. From here to Chicago, it would cost the same (at this point) to fly as to choo-choo-it. I'd arrive in Chicago on Halloween, or the day before, and Patty and Bek and I would drive up to Toronto for World Fantasy. That is my plan. But, as with the fainting couch, not executable at this point. Just one paycheck at a time, right? 

This weekend is the Injustice League and next month is Canada and July is Readercon and today I must write. I must write because I have not really submitted anything in too frikking long, and I only got a part time job in the first place so I could make a go of this writing thing, aye? So. To concentrate. 

I love that word, concentrate.


I went to the library and got three books I've never read by authors I've never read. Also three movies. I will list them here: 

The Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker
Shady Lady, by Ann Aguirre
Fate's Edge, by Ilona Andrews

It's been a while since I picked up and read a book in my genre unrelated to anything except that I thought the back looked interesting. Too long. 

I also got The Shipping News (film) to watch again, since I've got a jones. I want to re-read the book too, but it will make me bitterly jealous and weepy and then I won't write anything because E. Annie Proulx should just write EVERYTHING all the TIME. Also it'll make me mad because I can't tie any of those cool knots. I've learned to tie knots, but then I've forgotten again. Sort of like dance moves. And mathematical formulae. 

I also took out the new Red Riding Hood film, although I debated not telling you that. While I'm at it, I will confess another thing. Once, last year, at Sally Tibbets Girl Detective's House? I rented the movie Beastly. It was just about as appalling as maybe I knew it would be...

I actually think Red will be an improvement on it. Here is what I expect: I expect it to be pretty. I expect beautiful costumes. I expect bad acting and would be delighted by the merely mediocre and if anyone shows a chance beam of good solid craftsmanship, I will probably get up and crow and dance. I also expect that, even as with Beastly, beastly as it was, I will go into StoryBrain because of it, and want to write... If only to prove to myself that I can write something more pleasing to me in a genre I love. 

Hey, and I also got Part One of something called The Inspector Lynley mysteries? It's a BBC thing. And the lead guy? Is that GUY! That guy from... from... what was it... Oh, yes... BLEAK HOUSE! That guy who says, "I'm a child, a mere child..." (Oh! Harold Skimpole! He has his own Tumblr!) all the time and gives me the willies. He's also the dad in Stardust, but he didn't give me the heebs in that one.

Quite. The. Opposite. 


The truth is, gorgeous as today has been, I feel a bit of a malaise, which began at work yesterday when someone threw something in my face, and is just sort of lingering, accreting funk (but not the good "like a sex machine" kind), and probably I'll have to wallow awhile. Could be cyclical. We'll just wait and see. 

In the meantime! BOOKS! MOVIES! WRITING! 

I'll get to it, shall I? 



Your posts are interesting but too long!
You needn't read them, of course!
which began at work yesterday when someone threw something in my face

--literally? or figuratively? (sounds yucky, either way. Sorry about the funk -_-)

Regarding the fainting couch, perhaps one could arrange to faint on it at the consignment store?
Re: Question: A little of both, maybe. Not really significant enough to get into a stew over, but stew I do! Stew I do, indeed!

Re: Proposal: I should need incentive. Perhaps if that Fireman with the kitten and the margarita walks in...

Kage Baker Empress of Mars!
....ok that happens to be one of my favourite books at the moment. The protagonist is just plain fun to be around.
It is VERY EXCITING to find new authors! I've heard the name Kage Baker around lots of places but I've never read anything yet. I loved the blurb about it. And the good news is -- the library has LOTS of books by her!
Yes - there are a couple that have been coming out posthumously as well. She must have had a slew in the publishing pipeline.
I am still a sick and sweating mess, but I was coherent enough to read up on LJ. I so want you to have a fainting couch. You could swan on it all the time. You could have your own youtube channel of swanning on the couch. You would start a whole new fetish of swan watchers.