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Writer Gal

April 2017

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Mermaid Clown Upside Down

I haven't been posting. But I've been working.

And here's one of my coworkers! 

Remember Juno? From Sam Henderson's famous "The Ballad of Claire and Juno"? Juno whom I love and adore and bat my eyelashes at through the pane of glass that separates me from his arctic habitat? O, WE ARE STAR-CROSSED, Juno and I! 

Isn't he a pearly beauty? Such a flirt. All the toddlers love him. So that's about my maturity level. 

The big Bob Ballard Titanic exhibit opened today at my work (MY WORK! AT THE MYSTIC AQUARIUM! Which still merits capitals!!!) and I've had a full day of it.

And then Sita and I went to the Westerly Land Trust meeting, which featured the wife and husband team who own Watch Hill Farms, and they talked all about self-sustaining small farms, and eggs, and honey, and trees, and bees, and soil, and sheep and chickens and red foxes and conservation and they had HONEY COMBS and I ate them with GOAT CHEESE on RICE CRACKERS and it was the BEST DESSERT EVER!!! 

And I am tired. I am tired and my neck hurts, so it's the bath for me and the last chapter of the novel I'm rereading and then bed. Tomorrow I work in the info booth, which I've never yet womanned, so that'll be interesting. 

My mother just squealed, "Tomorrow's Friday the 13th!!!" 
"Are we planning to do anything gory?"

Well, maybe I'll do something GOREY then... 

I hope you are all well. Forgive my silence. I am adjusting to harness. 



Your new beau is certainly the pearly beauty.
Yup. Mine. Mine and all the four year olds of the East Coast.
She is beautiful. At first I thought she was carved in soap.

And yay for trees and bees and farmers, too!

Contrary to his goddess name, he's a he! I tried to find out if his name means anything else in other languages but I could not!

But he's so SMOOCHABLE!
Hmmm, maybe it's a Thing with whale names, because there was that whale Keiko, who was also a male, but Keiko is a female name in Japanese...

I want to see those dolphins. Badly.
It's "Evergreen", though "Everwhite" would be more appropriate here.
An albino beluga?
What a couple of days--Titanic madness!
Juno means evergreen? THANK YOU! (Those are the waters he swims in. Evergreen and evercold.)
Gotcher nice message today! Thank you! Glad things are less anxiety-ridden!
I KNOW! I weep. I weep that neither of us did anything for Friday the 13th. We were too busy working. Next time. Raven and spider cakes.

A Friday the 13th Jumping Rhyme I Made Up Just For You!

Bake a raven in a cake
Widowblack and hourglass
How many ravens does it take?

Cut the pie and see it fly
Windowcrack and sassafras
How many ravens in the sky?

Re: A Friday the 13th Jumping Rhyme I Made Up Just For You!

I demand that you write this on a sheet of paper that I may tack it to my cubicle at work.

Re: A Friday the 13th Jumping Rhyme I Made Up Just For You!

Couldn't you just PRINT IT OUT???

So demanding.

But I will.


You should read my journal entry for TODAY! I wrote it. It is LONG. But you are probably writing. Like a good writer. YOU GO, GIRL!