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Writer Gal

April 2017

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It started as a status update, then I realized I was blogging...

One of those days where I feel I've accomplished nothing.

Although I suppose going to work (Seat Bus # 10!) for a few hours, helping babysit a bit, talking to Kiri for an hour, reading through the NEARLY DONE PROOFS OF MY POETRY COLLECTION (all praise due to ERZ!), making dinner, listening to the news and hanging out with Sita as we watched one and a half Due South episodes account for some of the activity... (She nodded off halfway through. She did not sleep well last night. And her mornings are so early, poor duck!)

But it's nine o' clock and I've been exhausted all day. So. EARLY TO BED FOR ME TOO! As in... now. Tomorrow and Saturday I work. Because... PAYCHECKS! and BELUGAS! (Not necessarily in order of importance!)

Sunday, I get to go to a KING LEAR party! I have requested to play Kent.

Why did I do this? Because that's who Paul Gross (in his Geoffrey Tennant character) plays in the third season of Slings and Arrows. Yes. That's exactly why. I wanted to say that line about authority. And service. Because when he said those lines, I bawled like a banshee.

Oh, that thing Frank McCourt says about Shakespeare. What's that thing? “I don't know what it means and I don't care because it's Shakespeare and it's like having jewels in my mouth when I say the words.”

And when those words are in the mouth of someone who knows EXACTLY what they mean? (I.e. Paul Gross as Geoffrey Tennant.) It must be like, I don't know, like hearing the ocean for the first time. Every time, like the first time.

(Is there some rule of celebrity infatuation that goes: "If you can't meet 'em, embody 'em?" That would be a theory behind Elvis impersonators, anyway. Imitation being the sincerest form of... Oh, never mind. Blathering. Must be tired. Goodnight!)


Now I want to rewatch Slings and Arrows.
Yeah. You and me, babes.
hey, me too!
I'll put some jewels in your mouth.

That's what your mom did to your dad.
You are coming to a King Lear party, at my house! I feel like such a social lion!
You ARE! Rar! Are you playing Lear?
Nobody's playing Lear yet! Probably because he's such a huge role and everybody who might do it well is too intimidated by the sheer bulk. I am currently playing Oswald (who is basically there to be a smarmy little punching bag) and a few minor servants.

No one has asked to be Lear; if no one has requested by Sunday at party time, I'm going to split the role by act and make five separate people read him. So there!
HECK, I'll play Lear! I'll regret Kent, but not THAT much! YUM! Let me! Maybe Julia can be Kent.
You got it!