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February 2017

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Sol Claire

In the Next Room 6: Five Days Till Opening


3 hours until rehearsal. Today is Monday. That means FOUR MORE REHEARSALS. With Thursday night being move-in day to the Shaw Mansion. And Friday the "soft opening" or "previews" but, really, it's opening night, WHO ARE WE KIDDING HERE???

Things are about to get... chaotic around here.

Mir's back from China for a while and will be coming to Rhode Island from New York with Alfredo to visit. And Francesca is coming on Saturday to see the play, and a few more visitors from Chicago, and Flock Theatre itself will be hosting several out of state visitors, and anyway, it is all very exciting, but I will blink and February will be OVER and so will the PLAY and then what?

Then breathe.

Really, it all comes down to breathing, doesn't it?

That's what my mother keeps saying anyway.

Very basic thing, breath.

And ANYWAY I don't want to speed up February's march toward March. I am quite enjoying myself, in that funny way I have of enjoying things that spin me. I am a bit giddy, a bit dizzy, a bit hysterical... ALL MARVELOUS THINGS FOR CHARACTER WORK!!!

Things I Am Learning:

1.) One can make huge strides in a more naturalistic acting style the more comfortable one gets with the text and the more the director tells one to calm down and be in the moment, but the last thing to go are the feet.

The feet do some indicating.

The feet have what we call a strange case of Snuffleupagusitis.

Anne says that acting with the feet is a sign of not being centered. To combat this, I did some sun salutations before rehearsal yesterday. That, and having gone through my lines all the way before driving to rehearsal, and also having done some vocal exercises made for a very fine difference in my rehearsal process.

Probably I should've been doing this all along. I mean, I KNOW HOW.

2.) Pacing is not speed, but something else almost ineffable. Internal rhythm. Comedy becomes much funnier when it's paced at a clip. The lines become what they want to be, not necessarily what we want them to be. Another way of being in the moment?

I really love this. All of this.

There are some pictures on Flock Theatre's Facebook page. And an article in The Day.

"In the Next Room" performances are the last two weekend of February (21st-23rd, 28th-March 2nd) with previews the 14th-16th.

All entries on the rehearsal process are tagged under "The Vibrator Play."



I am *so very much* looking forward to this--all of it. And I love what you write about acting--the breathing and the feet. The speed and the naturalness--all of that, too.
Well no wonder your feet are itchy: your stage area keeps shrinking, from the wide open spaces of the Arbo to the ring of St. Mary's Crypt, where the actors were right up against the audience's feet, to the appropriately claustrophobic environment of the Shaw Mansion's parlor.