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Sol Claire

The Friendly Ghost in New London

I went to this a week or so ago:


My co-actor's band "The Friendly Ghost" played a handful of songs. The melodies were simple enough - acoustic and folksy - but there was something thoughtful in the lyrics that I very much liked.

"I can count my friends
On a single hand
I can count on them
To pay back what I lend..."

"Just keep on trudging forward
When trudging's all you got..."

"You're as fickle as a godhead
But at least you made 'em laugh..."

"Like a kid fighting giants
I refuse to be compliant
My stone is flung
I can fee-fi-fo-fum
Fuck it - I'm done..."

I should like to see them when all four members are together, and perhaps for a full set or two, so that I can really sink into a deep concentration of the work.

The Hootenanny was a hoot - but distracting for all that. Sort of a hodge-podge. And I like to give the things I like my full attention.

But The Friendly Ghost. A New London band. I'll keep my eye on them.

Here is the Bandcamp site with some of their songs on it!



Some of their songs are posted here:
Thank you! I so rarely get to go to things on the Internet and listen to them, because the Hot Spot at home is not sufficient! But I will link to it on this blog!