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Writer Gal

April 2017

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Writerly Writer

Bog Witch

For Terri-Lynne DeFino

"Sorrow nevermore shall eat you,"
Sings the bog witch in the meadow
"Teeth of sadness, hungers raging
I'll collect and keep them here
Large my cauldron, cold as iron
Full to boiling, petals, bones
Scoured so cleanly, greenly smelling
So I stand and so I stir."

See the bog witch, streaked in rainbows
Painted skin and gilded tongue
Etched in serpents, constellations
Scars and wars and words and suns
At her brow, a spark of sunset
At her mouth, a drop of blood
At her feet, a tiger sleeping
Falcon on the branch above

Barefoot in the meadows quiet
Bog witch, busy at her toils
Calligraphy by starlight inking
Silver from her pen it flows:
"Nevermore shall Discord gnaw you
Agony, I'll drown you here
Murk of lilies, wink of diamonds
A skull whose name was once Despair."

Bog witch ladles up a lickful
Pours it down and sips and sobs
Wipes her lips and drains the cauldron
Great her thirst and wild her woe
Wilder still her joyful frenzy
Like a moth beneath the moon
Makes the meadows bloom in fire
And the birds flame out in song


Oooooooo! I like this! Especially this line: "a skull whose name was once despair"
Thank you!!!

Is this my Nin or my Bek? I'm guessing Nin. If so... Are you working on CHAPTER SEVEN?
Oh Claire, this is beautiful, beautiful beautiful, and perfect for its intended. Lovely.

See the bog witch, streaked in rainbows
Painted skin and gilded tongue
Etched in serpents, constellations
Scars and wars and words and suns

So perfect a portrait.

I hope your spell helps drive away sorrow and that birds DO flame out in song.

I hope she likes it. I wrote it several ago when she was troubled, but in longhand. And then I meant to email it to her, and didn't. But I had twenty minutes this morning, so I typed it out, and here we be.

It IS like a spell, isn't it? Well, blessed be.

Edited at 2012-09-09 03:41 pm (UTC)
I do love it. I do, I do! And not only am I putting it in my inspiration journal, I'm going to frame it and put it on the wall in my office. (((((((((Claire)))))))
Thank you, Jenny!
Oh, Claire...my darling, Claire. Thank you so much. It's beautiful, brought tears to my eyes. I'm printing it up and putting it in my inspiration notebook. May I link to this on my LJ?
Of course you may. It's yours! You may do with it AS YOU WILL!
I love you, you know. :)
I think it is extraordinary, but I do know. No one would give a stranger a pair of ruby slippers without some love involved. I have worn your love on my FEET! And anyway. I only write poems for people I love.

...Or sometimes if a guy is REALLY CUTE.
Heh-heh...yeah, really cute. :)

You know what I love about the sparkly cap you gave me? I keep it on the wall in my office, and when the light hits it, there are blue/red/purple sparkles all over my walls. It's magical. And it's CLAIRE!
That's beautiful!
Thank you!