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Writer Galcsecooney wrote
on May 8th, 2012 at 02:29 pm

S.J. Tucker's Jump Rope Rhyme...

OK, I was at work and it was FULL ON SPRING outside, so I wrote this. And probably was unduly influenced by that awesome Cinderella Jump Rope Rhyme book, which I desire to own, but whatever. 

It's what would happen if everyone knew that the S and J in S.J. Tucker REALLY stands for SASSAFRAS JEHOSHAPHAT

You didn't know that, did you? 

Well, neither does her MAMA! 

Sass-a-frass Jehoshaphat
Went to school with a tulip in her hat
Schoolteacher cried
Rushing to her side
"Sassy, you're dressed in your birthday hide!"

Jump, Sassy, Jump
See the Hostas grow
Jack in the Pulpit
Row by row
Wist for Wisteria
Hist for Hysteria
Bow to the Queen of Bavaria!

Sass-a-fras Jehoshaphat
Brings home a sweet little kitty cat
Mama says with glee
Proud as proud can be
"That's the finest tiger I did ever see!"

Jump, Sassy, Jump
In the maple grove
Maisie found a daisy
In a treasure trove
Prince of Albania
Lord of Lithuania 
Morning Glory-Moon Flower Mania!

Sass-a-fras Jehoshaphat
Knows where to go and where it's at
Sings all the songs
Rights all the wrongs
Wherever she is is where she belongs

Jump for your sister
Jump for your mister
Jump to the top of that mean old twister
Jump for the witch
On her big birch switch
Jump to the Moon



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