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Writer Gal

February 2017

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Writer Gal

Bearing Paradise

dormouse_in_tea gave me a pendant when I moved to Westerly that says, "We must learn to bear absolute paradise." I wore it the other day. It's a yellow disk, like the sun. It's like nestling daylight in the hollow of my throat. 

Now it is snowing upon my friend's rare green springtime. For her, the day was rotten.

What can one do? She is too many states away to fling one's arms around - even if we were that kind of friend, which we aren't, because we've never met. Isn't the 21st century odd? 

Yet we must do what we can. It's little enough. 

Bearing Paradise

for Olna Jenn

Moon's getting fatter
Like a lamb for the slaughter
Days getting longer
Yeah, and every year shorter
Tulip and forsythia 
Yellow as wallpaper
Torn into shreds by her fingernails

Scars at her scapulae
Where she burnt out the stumps
Blood on her mouth
Where she bit the fruit
Scorch on her brow
Where the halo fell
Coal on her tongue when she smiles 

In her right hand, the plague
In her left, a white petal 
In her right eye, a light
As red as a kiss
In her left eye, a darkness
Blinded by radiance
A curse on her lips like a hiss 

"Atlas was nothing,"
She slithers the whisper
"Nothing but vultures
And the world on his shoulder
Have you seen my belly? 
It is bursting with springtime 
You try bearing paradise 
From the cold seed of winter."


Nothing but vultures
And the world on his shoulder
Have you seen my belly?
It is bursting with springtime

Loved this.
Danke, Brother Chaos.

I sacrificed significant amounts of organic matter (we need not specify type, need we?) for the sake of at least one good verse!
That is really gorgeous. In her right hand, the plague...
Thank you!
Oh, I like this!

Things like "She slithered the whisper".

Edited at 2012-04-04 01:43 am (UTC)
I liked that line too :-)
Mucho creepissimo, no? :P
Awesome poem.
Thank you!
I like the halo scorch, and the double meaning of "bear"
Thank you!
Look at you. Just look at you. I am actually ashamed of leaving that huge clump of negativity for everyone to find today, and was going to delete the entry, but now I cannot, because now that entry's comments are MADE OF AWESOME.

Seriously, I dripped tears.
You. Are. A. Leeeeetle. LUVCUFF.

I mean... This is what LiveJournal is for, right?