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Writer Gal

April 2017

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Writer Gal

Things I Love Right Now

Angeli Primlani's blogging about directing The Tempest with the Accidental Shakespeare Company:


I love this blog. It's more than just about putting on Shakespeare. It's about the recession, and about making life worth living, and about a common humanity that spans four centuries, and about communication and intimacy and hope. I love this woman's words. Every short story and novel chapter and blog entry of hers I've read, I've loved.

These Three Stories


Science Fiction. To quote Francesca Forrest: "A really up-close and personal look at war. Up close and smellable."

It has that beautiful barbed quality. You like the protagonist so much you want to crawl right into her skin. And then stuff happens. And you can't get out. And when the story ends, you emerge shaking.

Made my lunch afterward, muttering to myself, "Why do I even bother when there are such people writing?"

And SPEAKING of which...


I always forget how much I like Leah Bobet's writing until she's cracking me up and pulling the rug out from under me. Sheesh. And the narrator's so great. She's the same one who narrated "Sinners, Saints, Dragons and Haints" by N.K. Jemisin, which was absolutely mouth-wateringly good. Narrator's hysterical. And she does awesome angel-voices, with the help of a clever tech trick!

And Podcastle? Just rocks. We should all donate some dollars to them. Kaboom! Big bucks.


Having recently heard Peter S. Beagle read his story "Olfert Dapper's Day" at World Fantasy and loving it, I was in a GO-BEAGLE mood for this one, and it didn't stop, well, ever. I love a story about older sisters and younger brothers. You know, Wrinkle in Time, Trixie Belden... I'm sure there are others.

I mean, after all... I am an older sister. And my younger brothers are LEGION. I want to write about that some day, in a fiction-y way. I was really glad to listen to this one.



"Why do I even bother when there are such people writing?"

If this is any help or perspective, I have said this after reading things you've written.

A never ending cycle of covetousness. THAT'S US ALL RIGHT!
Ditto--for your writing AND Claire's.
Wish *I* had written in the ghost-in-the-tree story. And also the ghost-in-the bog story. WISTFULNESS, IT IS UPON ME!

On the other hand, though I have struggled all day to settle to it, I am ALMOST DONE with yet ANOTHER CHAPTER of my INTERMINABLE NOVEL! With another slew of CUTS!
The Parable of the Shower is one of my favorites.

And thank you for the link to Sauerkraut Station. I forgot to eat lunch because I was reading that so intently. I have lunch now, though, so it's all good.
Ha! I am so glad. I'd never known about GigaNotoSaurus before! If that story is indicative of its quality, I will be reading more!
Me too!

Also, now I want to go and eat sauerkraut and kimchi and stuff. I've never even liked sauerkraut, but maybe I should give it another try...