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Writer Gal

Grotesques dans le Cimetière: A Graveyard Girls Adventure

Once upon a time, there were three monsters.

Their names were Patty, Nin and Claire.

They woke up in the dark.

They put on their best faces.

They went to a garden.

They played "Fast Zombie."

They Played "A Modest Proposal."

They played "Pauper on My Grave"

They played "Tree Gods"

They played "Death and the Flower"

They played "The Tall Ones Come Again"

They played "That Thing in the Tree"

They played "Bad Clown"


And the monsters were happy.



I am sure you have REMAAAARKABLE bones, dahlink! I am sure we would have commented on them at LENGTH, probably with some AWFULLY dirty jokes which I will NOT articulate here. I have taken all my teeth out, you see, and have washed the slaprash from my chest.